GenPack 1

Weapons and treasure and armor, Oh my! The three main things players and game masters alike really love having. Introducing Item Companion and Treasure generator packaged together for maximum gaming impact. Create weapons, melee and ranged, with their special abilities along with armor and shields. Made to be compatible with version 3.5 of the worlds oldest role playing game, Gen Pack One is the first step to a memorable game.

Gen Pack 1 features include:

  • Separate ability lists for weapons and armor
  • Special materials to make your weapons and armor great
  • Maximum +5 AC protection
  • Maximum +5 attack bonus
  • Maximum +10 total armor /weapon plus and special abilities
  • Total Item creation price
  • Save rolled treasure
  • Treasure list broke out in categories for easy viewing
  • Treasure Encounter levels up to CR 20
  • Made for android tablets and phones

Enjoy Gen Pack One and may your hit points always stay in the positive.

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