GenPack 2

Taverns and Traps, two of the main cornerstones of medieval gaming. Taverns, where players have been causing trouble for barkeeps for decades and traps that have been plaguing the very same players for just as long. These two cornerstones of gaming come together for the first time in Gen Pack Two by Stone Golem Games. Made to be compatible with version 3.5 of the worlds oldest roleplaying game, Gen Pack Two allows you to generate traps and taverns at the push of a button.

Gen Pack 2 features include:

  • Traps up to CR 10
  • Random tavern names
  • Amenities, traits, and menu items
  • Tavern patrons along with their stats
  • Save taverns for more fun next go around
  • Compatible with Phones and Tablets

Enjoy Gen Pack Two and may you keep your players guessing.

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