GenPack Deluxe

Need a quick trap to hurt your players... Got It! How about a tavern for the bar fight the players always seem get into... Got it! What about an NPC, villain, or monster to round out your gaming session... Got it! Treasure for those encounters... Got it! Want to make a special weapon, armor, or shield for a player, villain, or NPC... Got it! Feel like insulting your players in true medieval fashion? We even have that too. 

Welcome to Gen Pack Deluxe from Stone Golem Games, the people who make gaming easier. Made for the 3.5 edition of the worlds oldest role playing game, Gen pack Deluxe comes loaded with 7 generators that make getting ready for your gaming sessions quick and easy.

Gen Pack Deluxe features include:

  • Treasure
  • Item Companion
  • Traps
  • Encounter
  • NPC
  • Medieval Insults
  • Compatible with Phones and Tablets

Loaded with these generators in your arsenal you will be able to create a campaign, add encounters, save traps and treasure to those encounters, roll NPC's on the fly, get a quick trap, create a tavern or inn and make weapons, armor or shields in no time at all. It will all be there on your android tablet or phone. 

Enjoy Gen Pack Deluxe and may your players tremble in fear.

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