Cast of Characters

Sorren – Sorren is a Drow in Bitan. He is a member of the Mage Guild under Headmistress Faysan. His drive for power has led him to seek out the Staff of Mourning – a mythical staff of unknown abilities. Determined to return to Bitan alive and with the staff, Sorren realizes he cannot make the journey alone. And thus, the Order of the Dragon is born…

Hair Color: White Eye Color: Pale Blue Height: 6’2" Alignment: CN

Class: Sorceror


Thalec – Thalec is a human who lives in Bitan with his older brother. He and his brother work as mercenaries, and he and Sorren have a one-sided friendship, Thalec being the friend to Sorren. When Sorren came to him with the task to find the Staff of Mourning, Thalec quickly agreed to join in the venture – so long as he got his fare share of the treasure found.

Hair Color: Light Brown Eye Color: Blue Height: 6’1" Alignment: NG

Class: Fighter


Valaya – Valaya is a Halfling, spending more time traveling than staying in one place. She and Grunt have been traveling together for three years at the start of the story, a companionship that emerged when Valaya accidentally saved Grunt from a human camp on her first attempt at thievery. Since then, they have been inseparable.

Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown Height: 3’1" Alignment: N

Class: Rogue


"Grunt" (True name unknown) – Grunt, as nicknamed by Valaya, is a Half-Orc, and an encounter with humans caused him to lose his tongue, rendering him speechless. He was rescued by Valaya, the high spirited Halfling. Ever since then he has been her travel companion, a silent guardian and trusted friend.

Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Yellow Height: 6’7" Alignment: N

Class: Barbarian


Riquith – Riquith is an Elf, traveling the world with her half sister, Lyrrin. Riquith has a cool, calm personality, due to her typical dislike of anyone or anything, including others of her own race. Her hatred for other Elves was born when Lyrrin, only a Half-Elf, was banished from their home. Ever since, she has become a cold huntress, caring only for her sister’s wellbeing.

Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Hazel Height: 5’9" Alignment: N

Class: Ranger


Lyrrin – Lyrrin is a Half-Elf, traveling the world with her half sister, Riquith. Unlike her sister, Lyrrin was virtually untouched personality wise when she was banished from her small village when she was young. Cleric of Feena, Lyrrin tries her hardest to see the good in everything and everyone – the opposite of her sister.

Hair Color: Light Brown Eye Color: Green Height: 5’4" Alignment: NG

Class: Cleric (Deity – Feena)