Pranks 1-5

How to Meet Your Companions

Step 1: Be in the same city.
Step 2: Find hiding place where lots of people will pass by. (Not in haystack; it hurt. Trust Yu.)
Step 3: Get "ammo" (poop of some kind).
Step 4: Wait for future companions to walk by.
Step 5: Take aim.
Step 6: Let fly!
Step 7: Run (not to fast)
Step 8: When they catch you put up small fight.
Step 9: Join their party!


How to Get Kicked Out of a City

Step 1: Travel to city with companions.
Step 2: Sneak away from companions.
Step 3: Replenish "ammo."
Step 4: Locate high power figure (guard captain, ect.)
Step 5: Find hiding place.
Step 6: Aim at target.
Step 7: Let fly!
Step 8: Save laughter for later (can get you caught, trust us).
Step 9: Run away… quickly.
Step 10: Get caught and thrown at companions' feet.
Step 11: Gather gear
Step 12: Get thrown out of town.
Step 13: LAUGH!

Goes with "Who Flung Poo?"

How to Punish Companions for Losing Drinking Game

Step 1: Win drinking game.
Step 2: Use spare ammo on their faces seeing as how they are unconscious.
Step 3: Laugh!
Step 4: Drink one last glass.
Step 5: Go to bed in anticipation for companions' reaction in morning.


How to Embarrass Companion

Step 1: Choose companion.
Step 2: Replenish "ammo" discreetly.
Step 3: Sneak into chosen companion's room.
Step 4: Smear poop under top blanket and replace the top blanket.
Step 5: Spray perfume or good smelly stuff to hide icky smell.
Step 6: Either hide in the room or leave and wait.
Step 7: Evil laugh


How to Teach Your Companion to be More Observant

(Magic carpet needed)
Step 1: Choose companion - preferably one that called you short earlier.
Step 2: Sneak into companion's room. 
Step 3: Place your magic carpet in front of the door on the inside of the room.
Step 4: Hide in closet or around corner. NOT UNDER BED! Bad idea.
Step 5: Wait for companion to walk in room.
Step 6: Call carpet when companion steps on it.
Step 7: Laugh as companion falls on back.
Step 8: Run, do not stay put. Web spell annoying if you have chosen to play joke on Mage.
Step 9: Never let them live it down.