Pranks 6-7

How to Get Thrown in Jail and Then Back Out Again

Step 1: Go out for target practice.
Step 2: Hit passing guards with "ammo."
Step 3: Run.
Step 4: Jump onto flying carpet.
Step 5: Play tug of war with guards for your companion until more guards show up.
Step 6: Get thrown in jail.
Step 7: Sing obnoxiously.
Step 8: Get yelled at.
Step 9: Hum instead.
Step 10: Get yelled at again.
Step 11: Play tag.
Step 12: Get bored, start singing again.
Step 13: Get thrown out of jail.
Step 14: Catch your gear as it is thrown at you.
Step 15: Laugh!
Step 16: Run off to bar to ruin other companion's evening.


How to Confuse Your Companions

Step 1: Buy sealing wax - any color will do.
Step 2: (Make sure you are staying at an inn) return to your room.
Step 3: Heat sealing wax.
Step 4: Rub on bottom of shoes.
Step 5: Use magic carpet of other means to reach ceiling and stick shoes on it. (Be sure both are facing the same direction.)
Step 6: Watch for companions.
Step 7: When most are present, run back to room.
Step 8: Jump onto floor from bed or make a loud crash.
Step 9: Sit on floor beneath shoes and hold head.
Step 10: Groan as companions enter to see what is wrong.
Step 11: Look at confused faces.
Step 12: Laugh.
Step 13: Go to bed.