Players Companion

Players Companion brings gaming into the 21st century by taking the tried and true character sheet into the digital realm of the android phone and tablet. Roll ability scores, select your class, feats and equipment, add skill points to each class, add a familiar, animal companion or create a spellbook. Keep track of your hits points as you bravely confront the evil hordes of hell, as well as your saving throws, armor class, and melee attacks. 

Welcome to Players Companion, a d20 system product from Stone Golem Games, the people who make gaming easier. Made for D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder by Stone Golem Games, Players Companion comes with everything you need to create your favorite hero.

Players Companion features include:

  • Generate ability scores
  • Select Class, Prestige Class, and even Epic Classes
  • Add and subtract hit points
  • Select armor, shield, and weapons
  • Add feats, special abilities, and character traits
  • Manage skills
  • Add and subtract gold, equipment and magic items
  • Track magic items in their item slots
  • Create a spellbook for your spellcaster
  • Add a familiar or animal companion
  • Optimized for Phones and Tablets

Take your RPG to the next level and enjoy Players Companion and may your heros live forever.

Note: Pathfinder data is still being worked on. You can currently use Feats, Spells, and Traits. Class and Skill data coming soon. 

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